We are insignificant...now what?

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Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, author, scientist, and what some consider a pure GENIUS!

The man comes off as extremely intelligent but the success of his show “Cosmos” has been his ability to explain things in a fun, simple, and engaging way to the viewer.

He said something last night when I heard him talking as a guest on a show that resonated with me and I think might prove valuable for you as well.

He talked about how “insignificant” we all are as human beings.  The universe is so big, there’s so much that has happened, and much more to come that our specific life is kind of “insignificant” in the whole scheme of things.

This was not delivered in a snotty way either.  Just a true statement in his mind.

Well now what my friend?!?!

It left me with the thought that we have nothing to lose to live the life we want and deserve!

We might as well go pursue our passions, do things for others that bring joy into both of our lives, and build something that might actually last past our lives…because after all…we are kind of insignificant.

But while our specific lives may be insignificant we all have the same opportunity to leave a SIGNIFICANT impact on others and future generations.

Neil is doing it.  I know you are too.  I’m on board as well.

Make your insignificant day have some significant ripples and moments!

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