Two Books for your Journey

I'll admit I'm a bigger book junkie than most. 

At night the TV rarely comes on when I'm done working, rather I'm "worming" around with my nose in a book.
So I do understand when everyone is not as excited as I am on a Tuesday when a new awesome book comes out…I get it…but I wear a hot dog costume so we already knew I was a little off!
I've read some outstanding books recently including "10% Happier" by Dan Harris of Nightline and "Into the Wild" by Jon Krakuer.
But last Tuesday was the double whammy for me as two of my favorite writers came out with books on the same day!
Let's start with the guy who took Amazon's top spot last week…

"Daily Love: Growing into Grace" by Mastin Kipp.  He writes an outstanding inspirational blog and his journey is incredible.  From down and out on drugs to finding his life's mission.
If you've had tough times or you are just motivated by someone who has overcome and then helped thousands do the same I encourage you to check out his site/book.

"The Happines of Pursuit" by Chis Guillebeau.  One of my favorite writers and a mentor of mine.  I've flown to Portland Oregon to attend his World Domination Summit, read his previous books, and love his blog.
His travel hacking tips have enabled me to travel all over the world the past few years without shelling out half of the money normally needed to do so.
Once again…if you are into travel, "Hot Dog Extraordinaires", and people who want to push themselves out of their comfort zone to improve the world his site/book is suggested. 

Now back to you and I and what these books mean for your life.

I'm partway through Chris's book right now and it's all about people who go on quests.  I'm not going to give it away but it excited me that one quest I've been on for just about a decade has come to a close.
I love live music and the varieties of it.  I had made it my quest to attend all of the biggest music festivals in America, see all the legends still alive, and overall check off a list of seeing every band I have ever wanted to see.  It probably took over a decade and I saw hundreds of shows.
Outkast at Lollapalooza was kind of my climax on this list and while I'll still attend shows the quest is pretty much over.  (Unless David Bowie goes on tour!)
I met incredible people along the way, explored new places, had some long nights driving back after a show for work the next day, expensive tickets, but was inspired by all of these artists, and it motivated me to take the steps to become an artist in the writing world like they did in the music world.
I'm also less than a year away from fulfilling the highest level possible in the International Toastmasters public speaking club.  If .5% of the world ever joins a club, only 1% of those who joins achieve this.  It will have taken
me about four years.  The benefits are too many too list on here for Toastmasters.

As both of these "quests" soon come to a close this book has gotten me thinking about what my next personal quest is?  Because the journey must continue.
Even if you don't read Chris's book I encourage you to start thinking about this and write down five possible answers to what you might do. 
You don't have to leave your house to do it.  But it's also not easy.

Building an idea from the ground up like we talk about on here?  YES!
Finding your hot dog stand and then tapping into that passion? YES!
The list goes on but you must decide for yourself what yours is.  I'll be here to help you, support you with ways to achieve, and how to do it but you must decide what you want to do.

Take some action today and start thinking about this for your own life and write out five possibilities and let them soak in for a few days.  If you want to share with the community leave them in the comments below or
email me!

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Carpe Diem,

PS: I believe my two new quests are 1) Visit every National Park in America by the age of 50…I'm at 14 of 59 currently and 2) Launch 10 more free basketball camps in the country over a still TBD time frame!