Finding your passion has multiple paths

We are always talking about finding our hot dog stand, aka passion and calling, on here.

It’s because I firmly believe when we find that passion then we have the ability to live the life that we have always wanted and deserve.

Sometimes we will jump to the conclusion though that finding our passion means scrapping what we are currently doing, sell everything we have, and launch a business on a whim or travel the world.


Finding Your Passion Has Multiple Paths

My wife and I went to the Bruce Springsteen concert this week and since former Sopranos star and E Street Band member Steven Van Zandt is off filming another season of his new mob show on Netflix so Bruce had to find a replacement. 

Bruce chose Tom Morello.

Tom Morello is an excellent example from my viewpoint of the ideal that “finding your passion has multiple paths.”

1)Tom Morello was a guitarist for Rage Against the Machine.  A member of a group that in my eyes stood for something far more than music.  Think about being a member of a band like starting a business with a group of people.  That is one path to finding your passion.

2)He then launched his own groups outstanding yet different groups Street Sweeper Social Club and The Nightwatchman.  This time it was him launching his own business and bringing people in.  That is another path to finding your passion.

3)Now he is on tour with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  Part of a team.  This is like working for a company that aligns with your values and beliefs and playing a pivotal role in it.  That is another path to finding your passion.

4)He stands for more than music.  He does incredible work for non profits and to attempt to feed the poor, fight the class system, and more.  In this instance he is aligning himself with others that might share a viewpoint.  That is another path to finding your passion.

5)By the way…he is excellent and seems to truly enjoy and believe in everything he does…including that rocking show with Bruce and the E Street Band the other night!  

So far that I can tell he has never swayed from who he is, what he stands for, what he is passionate about, and what he wants out of his life.  I don’t know him personally but from following his work over the past 20 years it seems to be the case.

But he has done it in multiple different ways while never changing who he is at the core.

That’s the main belief and mindset we need to find our passion in our lives and turn it into a career.  There are multiple paths and we might do different things over our lives but if we don’t change who we are at the core we are still living that hot dog stand style of a life.  Tom found his passion and has let it evolve down different paths and we can do the same in our lives.

The first step to take in laying the groundwork is to understand the possibilities and the action steps that we need to find a life that we are passionate about.

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There is more coming soon on Marketing Fun With Mike that will have you living the life you have always wanted and that you deserve. I look forward to getting rocking and rolling with you!

Carpe Diem!