Book out Monday! My thanks and what is next

Hot Dogs, A Little Marketing, and A Lot of Fun will be out and available for purchase on Monday October 15th. 
All you have to do is come to my website and click on the “Hot Dog Marketing Book” page and you will be able to grab yourself a physical copy from Create Space for just ten bucks or head over to Amazon and download to your Kindle for three bucks!  You can also purchase the physical copy on Amazon but I recommend going to Create Space to help fund the great website and project they have going on at their site.  I will have the links live and attached and will send it out when ready!
I am excited it is finally here and I must admit the project required a tad more work than I initially thought.  I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I pushed myself close to exhaustion in trying to balance my career at 97.1 The Fan, this book, training for a half marathon, and trying to be a social butterfly and seeing the world.
But I also think the book is better than my initial expectations!  In the end it is all worth it because life is a journey that we must undertake one day at a time and enjoy it for every moment.  One day at a time is what I had to think about when I wrote this book and I will have to think about when I write my next one.  You don’t have to finish your goals in one day.  The road to your goal is the true journey and that is where you really hopefully enjoy what you are doing and learn about yourself and others.  On the road, not at the final destination, is where the true takeaways and appreciation for what you are doing occur.  So don’t rush to the finish line without taking in what you are participating in along the way.
I want to thank each and every person who has ever read this blog, shared these posts, or has come to the website.  I really truly and honestly appreciate every single one of you and couldn’t have written this book without all of the support I have received from the readers of this blog over the past few years. THANK YOU!  I hope you enjoy the book and I’d love to hear from you, just email me at about the book or any other thoughts on the new site.  If you LOVE the book then I would not argue with you if you posted a nice review on Amazon either!
But this is not the end of this blog now that the book is out but rather just the beginning.
What can you expect in the coming months? 

1) More in depth posts about what Hot Dog Stand Marketing really is and how it can truly help you stand out from the rest of the world and guide you to find something that you absolutely love to do with your life.  No fluff just real valuable content that will help and benefit you for FREE.
2) Kindle/PDF giveaways of the book from time to time.
3) The Newsletter: I will begin in November a monthly newsletter that will feature an interview with someone out in the world who has already found their hot dog stand and is doing something that they truly love every day.  We will go over their story and how they found their way and what their journey has been like.  These will be fun, engaging, and very beneficial to myself and all of my readers I believe.  REAL STORIES WITH REAL PEOPLE!  Just another way to give you some great reasons to keep coming to the new website.
So that is why you should sign up for the newsletter.  These interviews will be posted exclusively on that and there may be other giveaways and prizes on there as well, I do promise no SPAM though! 
Come back on Monday for the book, thanks again for reading, and my goal is to provide everyone with the best and most unique content you will ever see on the world wide web over the coming years!  The journey will be fun so come along for the ride.