You got a bad attitude buddy!

Attitude is everything.  It can build you up to achieve greater success than your talent warrants and it will tear you down quicker than you can imagine.

On a chilly negative degree day like this (if OSU would be open of course) we would have been out selling hot dogs.  No choice in the matter.  We could dream about a nice sunny parade but that would be false. The choice we would have had was the attitude we would take in going about the cold chilly day slanging dogs.  A good attitude would have made the day and while a negative ‘tude could break you on a day like this.

Point in case:  A few weeks ago I had a bad attitude towards a friend about a trivial comment they had made.  I knew it wasn’t about me but it bothered me the rest of that morning.  The next day they sent me a short video because they figured I’d get pumped up about it.  By all accounts it should have because it was right up my alley…all things about it.

But it didn’t…and somebody should have slapped me on the side of the head and said “You got a bad attitude buddy!”  

Because I let it affect me and I didn’t get pumped like I should have.  It was because of my attitude.

We have to let things go, get over them, and have the mindset to move on quickly in this world.  Or frustrations and attitude will get the best of us!

Can I go back in time and change it?  Nope…but I learned the opportunity I missed to get excited…and next time I’ll be over it and also know that the material doesn’t have to be affected by the sender, especially in a trivial one as my own!

An important step in finding your hot dog stand in life is having the notion that attitude is oh so important.  The next time you know you need to get that attitude turned around but you are fighting it…let it go and move on.  

Hot Dog Stands are way more fun to have than bad attitudes!

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