When one hot dog stand goes away

There comes a point of time in your life when a hot dog stand goes away.

That passion or calling of yours that you worked so hard on has either been forced to die or you have failed at it.  Or in a stranger twist of irony
what once was a great passion no longer calls you to rise with vigor each morning.
Boss Doggs taught me a lot:

1) The owner at the time Eric Clark was a mentor in college at a time when I had moved away from my parents and my high school teachers were gone so I needed
a strong leader in my life and he was it.
2) It taught me everything I needed to know about sales and how to start a career in an industry I'm still in to this day.
3) It enabled me to not have to take loans for college (considering the average debt of a college graduate now I feel extremely fortunate.)
4) And finally it was where I landed on my "Hot Dog Stand" theory…that we all have the ability to do something we love and believe in our lives not just for fun but
for a career as well.

My mom sent me a recent article in the OSU school newspaper that showed that Boss Doggs has now officially closed its doors for the final time.
Eric moved on long ago and it had been operated by the university for the past few years and it clearly wasn't the same after he had left as owner and the Rudd boy's stopped slanging dogs with him.
(Yes my brother worked there too, but just kidding don't think we had much to do with its prior success!  That was all Eric Clark.)
It saddened me but it also made me consider the facts.

Hot dog stands go away in our lives.  They will die.  They will fail.  They will cease to become useless.

What do you do when that happens?  There is no sulking, pity parties, or what if's if you are trying to live a life you want and deserve.
Instead you use it as fuel to your life to create something new and improved.
Or if it ceases to become a passion or calling in your life, then you have to make that decision to move on from it which can be gut wrenching to do.

I could cry in spilled milk about how a wonderful small business lost to big bad OSU or how there won't be a kid at the university who will get a work experience like myself and all the others
who worked there before me with Eric were able to receive, etc.

But instead I wanted to decide a course of action for when a hot dog stand goes away…and I know a new one, if you look hard enough, is ready to be found.
Making the choice to find it though is something you have to decide to do in your mind.

The entire basis/background of my sales career and for this website is now gone. But I'm thankful for the ride and it will live here at Marketing Fun With Mike, in my life, and in the workings of myself and every single one of you as long as the sun rises each morning.  (We will honor it with our new website which will have strong hot dog undertones!)
That's the viewpoint I would advise one to take when a hot dog stand goes away.

Lights, Camera, Action Time!
Have you recently become less passionate about something in your life and still find yourself dredging through it?
Or has something you were passionate about come to a close?
Take action now and make a list of five new things you have always wanted to try or experience and do one per week over the next five weeks.
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