What's the point of a Hot Dog Stand or Ground Up Idea?

The reason I'm so thankful I found my hot dog stand, aka passion, in life is not a selfish one. 
For you it shouldn't be either and it's honestly unselfish reasons for both of us when you think about it.
My encouragement to you to be not just a business owner, or a mother, or a sales person within a company, but rather to be a Hot Dog Extraordinaire who builds community ideas from the ground up is not so you can get a bunch of applause.

We are alive each and every day to forge better relationships and enjoy/enhance our current ones.

The relationships that I have with others are why I'm glad I can tap into my passions to help others.  The whole backdrop for building an idea from the ground up for the people in your community (whatever community that may be in this world) is to better your relationships with them.
The older I get the more I realize it's the most important and truly the only thing that matters.  The whole point of finding your hot dog stand or building an idea from ground up is because of relationships.
When we better ourselves we are doing it subliminally to better our relationships.
At the end of the day the things we own, the money we made, the business we secured, and the hot dogs we ate don't matter.  What matters is the relationships we forged and those transactions I just listed are the result of those relationships.

Why strive to dig deep in your life and build a community idea from the ground up?  Because it will help others and create great relationships.
When I say "Helping you live the life you want and deserve" is the goal…it's really not for you or I but for the relationships in your life.  Because when you are living that life you are improving the lives of all those around you.

Action time! To get started on building an idea from the ground up for your business, a client, or on your own the question you need to ask is:
What are three passions of mine that I could put to good use in creating something that will enhance the relationships and the lives of all those around me?
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Thank you so much for reading today, if you are new then a warm welcome!  My blog archives go way back and I have two books that are the foundations for what I do on here on my books page!

Carpe Diem!