The Joy of Transparency

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Transparency is one thing I strive to provide you on here.  

Sure hot dog stands, ideas, passion, and business tips are important…but transparency is key to me.

I want you to see the whole story every time.  In this case I have a story about one of my case studies in my “Efficiency Recipe” program.  Which is due out later this year! 

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My case study was having struggles with one of the steps and quite frankly she couldn’t get it done in the 25 day program format.  She’s been done with it for a week or two now and we were talking earlier this week but how she might get it accomplished.

I gave her the idea to not view it as a complete overhaul but if she could spend 20 minutes a day (this was a declutter part of the program) over the next two weeks she would feel good and the project would be complete!

She was still a little hesitant and I was frustrated with myself for not being able to help her more, especially being one of my awesome case studies who are all taking the time to help me improve the program for its release to you!

Low and behold yesterday afternoon I talked to her and she was super excited because the 20 minute mindset gave her the energy to get started on it.  But from there she got so into it the last few days that she was spending way more than 20 minutes on it and it was almost completely decluttered and done!

The end is in sight and she couldn’t be happier about it.  It’s going to free up more of her time to do the important stuff she truly wants to do in life.

But I’ll tell you what…it wasn’t easy.  For me or for her, I felt like I was letting her down and letting everyone down because I care so much about making this a great program for you.

I was honest with myself though and we were transparent with each other in the steps necessary to have her be able to finish.

Without that honest transparency we might not have gotten there.

In summary…I’ve been looking at my fears in life quite a bit lately and being honest and transparent with myself and it’s truly helped recognize what the fears are and how to begin moving past them!

And being able to be transparent with you and say that not everything is perfect (nor will it probably be upon its release) with the Efficiency Recipe.  

There was a struggle with a step but that’s okay; because we found a solution for that struggle. That’s a key lesson I’ve learned and I hope you can take from this.

What are you struggling with right now?  Take action and identify that struggle and be completely transparent with yourself about it and the solution will identify itself.  If you want to share with me I’m always here at or in the comments section below.

The Efficiency Recipe is still full speed ahead and will be ready for you to get 14 more hours per week to live the life you want and deserve.  Expect it and a few other exciting things to be ready in December!

Until then…keep taking action…and keep rocking!  Thanks for being a part of the community, share this post with someone you think it will help if you feel so inclined.

Carpe Diem,