Putting your idea on the grill

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We can build a big idea from the ground up.  In fact it is the only way since the dawn of mankind that anything has ever started.

No one is an overnight success.

We don't just come up with an idea that will change lives and then poof two days later it starts doing just that.

First you have to get your big idea onto the grill.

You have to start to let it cook and get some flavor.

Maybe add some seasoning or you have already marinated it overnight.

That's when it will start to grow and form into what you want it to become.

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If we don't start cooking it though we can never get to the finished product.

Here are three ideas that started from the ground up to build community that people questioned:

1) The Beatles.  They played in a crappy German club for years while every one around them told them to give up.  But they put their musical idea onto the grill and started practicing in that club to get good enough to create a musical cultural revolution in America and Europe.

2) NBA Cares: Nothing But Nets Program. The Nothing But Nets Program seeks to rid the world of malaria but Rick Reilly wrote about the issue in 2006 long before anyone cared in a column in Sports Illustrated and chose to become an advocate for them.  This dedication and push led to the NBA's involvement and now his movement has raised over $45 million dollars!

More importantly...

Every 60 Seconds a child dies from Malaria and Rick has sent 7 million nets to Africa since 2006 to save hundreds of thousands of kids lives.

3) That local restaurant you love to go to.

You know the one right around the corner where they remember your name and thank you every time you come in.

It wasn't a big corporate board meeting to decide to finally put that restaurant idea onto the grill.  It was an action plan and some blood, sweat, and tears by people just like you.

It's time to live the life you want and deserve.  It's time to get more efficient, add some passion, be yourself, and have some real fun in this life!

Building one of your ideas from the ground up can happen just like John Lennon, Rick Reilly, and "Dana Restaurant" have.

But it starts with taking that first step and getting it out of the fridge and onto the grill.  Take that action today and email me at mike@marketingfunwithmike.com with your idea and I'll help you decide your first step.  Or leave it in the comments below for everyone to pitch in and help!

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Carpe Diem,