People create the passion

_Without a person it's just a lake.With.png

Every single one of us has a hot dog stand, aka passion or calling, in our lives.

It’s on the front page of my website, something I live my life by and firmly believe, and a statement that you have heard come out of my mouth many times on this blog.

But where does that passion get created from?


I had the pleasure of heading West last week and visiting friends, beautiful places, and truly exploring Northern California.

As my wife and I ventured around here is a small sampling of the people I met and the randomness in which we meant them:

1)Sandy the unbelievable owner of the Eureka Inn B&B in Sutter Creek, CA who is also their former mayor.  We met her because our friends stayed at the B&B.

2)Tom Rosenberg in Sacramento, a retired sports writer, who is working with the city on more accessible bike paths for the entire city.  I met him while taking a morning run through the park.

3)Muriam the volunteer kayak instructor who has been helping the organization for 22 years take underprivileged children out into the great outdoors.  My friend Blake volunteers there and we went on a kayaking trip together.

4)Alan the school teacher who on weekends does tours of the Winchester Mystery Mansion in San Jose…the house is creepy, cool, and Alan is a masterful storyteller.

5)The entire staff at Yosemite National Park who handled a dangerous and tragic forest fire while we there with patience and leadership for the thousands of confused and scared people who were staying with them when it occurred.

The people in this world create the passion which creates these organizations or wonderful experiences.  The passion can’t create itself.

This was just one small sample in one small part of one country during one week in this world.  And look at the randomness in how I met each of them.

If we all start working on ideas from the ground up or for organizations we believe in then we tap into our passions and hot dog stands and create that life we want and deserve.

Not just for us but for all those around us.  Just like all those people did for me.

I’m passionate about telling you great how this trip was…but it was because of the friends we already had that we visited with when we came and all of the new ones we made while we were there.

Go backwards from any hot dog stand and you will find it starts with the people.

Take action and make a list of a few of the people over the past few weeks who have influenced you in a positive way because of their passion and thank them!

Then set out to do the same for others.  If you want more tips on how to tap into that passion to turn it into something bigger then get on the newsletter team!

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Thank you for making this group great, the biggest thanks you can do is to share with someone else who might enjoy…until the next blog…Carpe Diem!