One Goal, One Team, Zero Egos

Marketing Fun With Mike is going old school today!  Back when I was just starting my blog and writing on Tumblr I wrote this blog post about the greatness of the San Antonio Spurs and how they were going to win the NBA Title after such a long layover since their last title.

I wrote this post in May of 2012!

My jinx saw them lose four straight games after I wrote this post to be eliminated by the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals and then lose a heart breaking seven game series in the 2013 NBA Finals to the Miami Heat. They have finally done it and won the title I predicted they would win 26 months ago!

Making this post all the more relevant about perseverance and staying the course.  The original post in its entirety is below.

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Examples of companies throwing their egos to the wayside and working together

to achieve greatness are all around us.

It is very special though when it happens in the sporting world.  Because of the high talent levels of the employees involved, the short term nature of how long they have to

work together, and the ego that is often with the athlete it is hard to see it.

Right now there is something special happening in the NBA playoffs.

The San Antonio Spurs are train wrecking great teams and are sitting at 10-0 heading into Game 3 with the Thunder (which I think will be their only loss of

the series!), they have won 20 in a row overall and 29 of their last 31 games!

They have done so with teamwork, attention to detail, and a burning desire to be the best.

This team doesn’t care who scores the most, who plays what night, all they want to do is be the best in the world and win the NBA title.

And they are going to do it barring an injury.

The Spurs will win their 5th NBA title since 1999.  Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich bring in countless cast offs, troublemakers, rookies, etc and get them to

buy into their system and play the sport and the game the way they want it done.

No egos, no highlights, no drama, just WINS. And winning the right way.  First class.

Even as a Thunder fan it is a pleasure to watch.  Because greatness is occurring right in front of my eyes and I can do nothing but praise it and appreciate it.

Lebron won’t stop it, Durant won’t stop it, Chris Paul got swept by them.

Remember that clip from Popovich asking them “to give him some nasty!”  They were down

double digits at that point in Game 1 against the Thunder and rallied to come

back and win.

Winning any sort of title at any level is a feat in itself.

But 5 NBA Titles in 13 years with different members on every team except one

thing never wavers: Duncan and Popovich’s mission.


What can we do today to create that kind of atmosphere in our business or our company?

Thanks for reading all!  Post your thoughts on here or email me at with any other great

examples of this type of “doing business” in our world.