Off its feet

The hardest process is the one you start.  

To get something off its feet seems impossible at the time and scary to even thinking about the work it will take from start to finish…just to get it started!

But once you get it off its feet…whether it is starting to write out a business plan, make that first cold call of the day, introducing yourself to that new person at the party…that’s when the fun begins.

The excitement starts and if you have the self discipline and schedule time to do the activity every single day then it starts to snowball.

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The snowball builds momentum and next thing you know you have launched whatever the activity you were dreading getting off its feet.

The 97 Day Get Fit Challenge officially starts tomorrow.  We had hundreds of people register for it and our six contestants are truly ready to change their lives.  After they change their lives we hope they will help change the lives of others by being a support system and mentors and one by one we will get rid of obesity in Central Ohio and then the Midwest and finally the world.


But getting this thing off its feet…wow.  I mean it was a great idea and all I felt; but the processes of lining everything up from sponsors to venues to contestants, etc.  An unbelievable amount of work…but far and away the hardest day was the first getting it off its feet.  Keep up to date with the whole challenge and the contestants transformations at 

Everything gets a little more exciting after that.

Do you have something you have always wanted to do but had trouble getting it off its feet?  Or is it just a daily activity that you struggle with starting but once it starts you can really get after it?

I’m here and I understand.  With the 97 Day Challenge actually really starting tomorrow I’ll tell you this…IT CAN BE DONE!  Go do it.  What starts as a little a flake of snow will turn into an Indiana Jones sized snowball with the right time and dedication each and every day.

Take that action now…you will make it happen.  I know it.

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Carpe Diem!