Ode to Leaders

Leaders are role models, they just don’t believe they are.

Leaders do what is in their hearts.

Leaders are just themselves and speak in a way that uplifts everyone and puts no one down.

Leaders believe they aren’t above the common good.

Leaders are heroes to those they lead but would never admit it!

Leaders could write a book of motivational quotes.

Leaders love hot dog stands…even if they are vegetarians…leaders love hot dog stands because they love passion, excitement, and pushing yourself to finding something they love.

Leaders don’t think about budgets, they think about people.

Leaders think endlessly about how to improve their team.

Leaders can be more everywhere in your life.  They don’t have to just be your boss.

Leaders are ones that move the world to a better place each and every day.

Leaders are the reason we wake up excited to start our day.

Leaders are teachers, salesman, firemen, lawyers, dentists, bartenders, IT consultants, marketers, accountants, CEO’s, auto dealers, the unemployed, the retired, children, and college students.

That’s because everyone can be a leader.

Leaders are everywhere.

I want to thank every single person I have ever sought leadership from and has helped me in my career, my life, and my journey.  

Leaders led me to my hot dog stand and I’ll forever be grateful!

Who has led you that you would like to thank?  Try to do so today.

Then tomorrow try to help lead someone else who could use your help.

Lead on leaders!  THANK YOU!

Carpe Diem!

Comments below or email me at mike@marketingfunwithmike.com someone who has led you or you have led.