Nobody backs a great one in the corner

Not quite like backing Baby into a corner, but the same mentality.  When you push the great ones in life into a corner, cut them off, tell them they are done, they’ll come back swinging harder than ever.

Dwayne Wade.

Mr Wade has been ridiculed and mocked for much of the last two rounds of the NBA playoffs.  With the Miami Heat down 2-1 on the road in a Best of 7 series he proved once again why the great ones are so great.

He dominated a game in which his and his teams backs were against the wall.  

He displayed grit and toughness that we only all hope we could have in everything we do in life.  Because that’s what the great ones do in life when they get backed up into a corner.  They don’t give in and quit and whimper.  They fight their way out.

We will get backed into multiple corners multiple times of our life.  Missing budgets, losing those close to us, having a surgery, being down and out, natural disasters, etc.  But for every one of those the great ones will have ten times the moments of relief, inspiration, happiness, and toughness.

Because nobody backs a great one in the corner and doesn’t feel them coming back with a fury at them.

Speaking of that…

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker just got backed into a corner.  I sure wouldn’t count them out yet…they are just as great if not greater than Wade.  Should be an exciting 3 games and life lessons about toughness, composure, and execution can be learned from watching these guys.

What about you??  You been backed up and considered knocked out but came back fighting??  Love to hear from you about it.  Leave a comment below or email me at 

 Spread good vibes, demand the best from yourself, Carpe Diem!