Lacey and Adreian

Have you heard of Lacey?

This week I was heart broken to hear how my little brave hero who I never had the honor of meeting named Lacey had passed away at the way too young age of eight.

She seemed to look so healthy just ten days ago when she was at the Michigan State UCONN game cheering on one of her best friends...Adreian Payne...the future NBA power forward who played for Michigan State.

If you missed it, check out their story HERE. 

Life can be wonderful, curious, intimidating, sad, and downright strange at times depending on how you are shaken by it.  Everyone walks down their final road sometime but Lacey's was certainly way too fast and way too young.

Lacey is gone and I can't imagine what her parents and family feel like.  Yet personally two of my closest sets of friends welcomed new beautiful children into the world in the same exact week.

Life is perfect for one while unbelievably hard on another.

There is no answer or exact science for how, when, and where good and bad happen to us in our lives.

But I am confident that an unwavering sense of positivity will never hurt, kindness and compassion for all around you will never cease to be good, and that doing something you love each and every day will make your time here on Earth well spent.

What can I hope for and believe in when things like this happen?

I hope we can have a world full of hot dog stands, aka people living their passion, and doing something they love and believe in each and every day that they have on this Earth.  No matter how short or how long.

Rest in Peace Lacey.

Carpe Diem all.