It's very personal for you

“It’s not you.  It’s me!”

“Business isn’t personal.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not personal.”

I’ve never really drank the Kool Aid on those responses.  I think what the person who says that to you means is they don’t dislike you or wish you ill will.

However for you it is personal.  Your life is very personal and it’s your livelihood.

When your business starts to decline, your son struggles in school, you get rejected for vacation plans, you lose a loved one when you least expect it, or that great event you spent so much time working on is a huge bust it’s very personal for you.

Success and failure is part of the game when we choose to stick our necks out and go after difficult yet rewarding things in life.

It feels very personal for you when you succeed and even more personal for you when you fail.

Something that is true and true to your heart, such as for me the issue we have in our country with obesity and processed food , is hard to not take personal when progress is not being made in the manner in which you would like to see.

(YES I know I know the hot dog connection…but that is a metaphor, hot dogs in small moderation are okay in my eyes, and it was my gateway to discovering what life was all about…it doesn’t mean I think you should eat 20 of them every week.)

Taking something personally means you really care.  You are truly passionate about it and you believe in it. 

If you take it personally in a positive, constructive, and motivating way and instead of getting upset about it have your mindset be to fuel yourself to push harder and stronger you will wind up winning.

Of course there will be successes and failures on the journey.  But how we respond to life’s actions will dictate the impact we make and the type of life we have.  The successes and failures are part of the package you are allowing yourself to be exposed to if you want to have a life you want and deserve. 

Tomorrow I’ll be talking in my newsletter about two people who took a desire to see America so personally they took 59 weeks out of their lives to do it, join me and it will land at 130 EST in your inbox!

Take it personally…in the right way…and fuel yourself with the motivation to keep pushing!  Take a little action today to live the life you want and deserve and pick three things you take very personally in your life.  Then list one thing you can do for each of them to either improve them or maintain their excellence!

For instance…your daughter got a D in English and the teacher thinks it’s just not her strong suit so don’t take it personally.  You will take that personally but maybe what you can do is read and write with your daughter one hour every night seven days a week to strive for improvement.

Another one is my frustration with the obesity issue in America.  Instead of complaining and whining we don’t have the right nutritional information I’m going to just purchase, eat and cook real food and spend my money at the places that can support that type of life.  And if I ever have a friend struggling about how to eat real food happily supply them with a meal plan of how to do it!

Email if you want to share your three and how you are going to take them very personally.  Or leave your comments below to let others in the crew or myself help out with how to take it personally in a constructive way.

Thanks for reading, sharing, the support, the constructive criticism, and have a great day!

Spread good vibes, demand the best from yourself, Carpe Diem!