Half of the Journey

When being gone last week the realization fell over me that half of the journey has nothing to do with where you are going and what you are doing.

Traveling is one of the favorite past times of the world.  Personally there are not many places that I wouldn’t want to see or visit.

But what’s the point of traveling?  To see something beautiful?  To learn about a new culture?  To put a line through a never ending list?  Because you can?  The food?  The people?

It’s a question that has entered into our heads for years.

My wife and I went down to Mammoth Cave National Park and to the National Historic Site of Abe Lincoln’s birthplace and boyhood home over the weekend (both great places to check out!).

While going to these places I noticed half the fun was learning, experiencing, and basking in what has happened in those two places over time.  

But the other half of the journey though was everything that went along with it.  

-The funny and kind waitress we had the first night serving us margaritas and table side guac.

-The ability to drive somewhere together and talk about ideas and sing parts of songs at loud volumes and knowing no one would hear our scratchy voices.

-Picking a hotel off the highway to stop.

-Getting photos in front of Dinosaur World (It's a real place!)

-The laughter when we realized how we switched time zones and showed up to Mammoth Cave around dawn.

-Picnicking and watching kids chase after deer with the enthusiasm of a Christmas morning. 

I could go on forever but the point is the other half of the journey in everything we do in life when we are doing it with meaning and determination is never thought about beforehand.

But it brings the whole experience full circle.

When we are looking for our hot dog stand, aka passion, everything we learn along the way sets us up for when we do find it.

When we are trying to get something done the funny things that come up to prevent us from finishing make the story six months later that much better.

The sale is great but the relationship with the new client is way better.

The food is wonderful but the conversation makes it magnificent.

Traveling is unbelievable but only if you let the other half of the journey, getting to and leaving where you are, fully take over your mind while you are doing it.

The journey to finding your hot dog stand, and then being yourself and thriving in the sales of it, and then figuring out how to market that hot dog stand in a fun way are all part of what we can do together.

The other half of the journey is what you make out of it.

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Where do you want the other half of your journey to lead you?  

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Thanks for reading everyone, Carpe Diem!