Growth or Comfort

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Fear Drives Ratings

That was the answer I received when I asked a co worker why we focus on the drama and the negative stuff in a 24/7 media cycle.
Why not focus on all of the good things that are happening as well?
His answer was three words and it was "Fear drives ratings." It really hit home to me.

After fear in our lives the second thing that holds us back is comfort.
We are comfortable and it leads us to choose comfort over the unknown.  We choose to be bench warmers instead of attempting to be the stars of the game.
Even when our comfortable situation does not lend itself to what we really want in life…"Comfort, and that's my final answer Alex Trebek!"
I've done it in my life many times but every time I choose the other side of comfort amazing things happen and lessons are learned.  Growth will always occur.
Just like how we choose to digest our media and news…by choosing the positive stories or the fearful negative ones…we have a choice to choose against comfort.
It's helped me grow in ways I never thought possible.

How do you start fighting comfort?  Here are five action steps to get you going. 

1) Say YES to everything for one day.  See what you do.
2) Get up and go for a walk or run during the sunrise instead of hitting snooze.
3) Work for two hours on your career this coming Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday.  
4) Pick up a book from a genre you don't agree with but you find very interesting and read it.
5) Write down one thing you want to accomplish by the end of the year for yourself, your family, or your community and start the work to do it.
Special Extra Number 6) If you don't dance…go take a dance lesson or go to a dance club.  There is nothing more uncomfortable for me than trying to dance not at a wedding.

Growth is the short term goal here and the long term goal is helping you live the life you want and deserve. 

If we take ownership of how comfortable we let ourselves get and make a push for small changes both will be achieved.
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Then report to and how your steps are coming along.
Carpe Diem!