Glimpses into the Crystal Ball

Every year at about this time we become frantic maniac individuals who act more stressed over the next ten days than we have been all year long because we have to buy gifts for loved ones, eat tasty cookies, and cook meals for our family.  It’s a strange phenomenon.  I’m as relaxed as a cucumber this year to be honest with you.

Also it comes the time about a week later when we make our New Year’s Resolutions and everything we worked for this year all of the sudden isn’t good anymore and we make this HUGE laundry list of life changing goals that we typically throw to the wayside by January 17th.

As we take glimpses into the crystal ball I believe there is a different and better way to reach far and wide and have great personal and professional success in the coming year!

I recently watched the ESPN 30 for 30 Documentary titled “Youngstown Boys” which chronicled the rise and fall of former Ohio State Football Coach Jim Tressel and former star running back Maurice Clarett.  They won the National Title together in 2002.  An achievement most would consider their crowned jewel for their lives.

But I loved how at the end of the documentary Tressel and Clarett both agreed that their most important or best work hasn’t been done yet in their lives.  And I couldn’t agree more.

If they were able to do something as incredible as winning a National Championship and they both believe they can do more and are meant for more then surely we can take glimpses into our crystal ball for the coming years and do the same!

It starts with one two things though:

1) Mindset: The positive mindset that we will achieve no matter what is thrown at us.

2) Why Not?: Answering that question every time a conflict, threat, or negativity gets pushed in your face and you are told why you can’t achieve what you are setting out to do.

Why Not You?  Why Not Now?

Sure we have plenty of excuses why we can’t do what we were all set out on this Earth to do.  Don’t believe me?  How many times do we or hear others saying things like this?

A)I would start that new business but I just had a kid. I guess no entrepreneurs have ever bore children.

B)I would love to launch my personal brand next year but I am just too busy.  Of course you are but if it’s truly important you will make the time for it.

C)I just don’t have the time to go to the gym in the morning.  Go during lunch, stand during your job, walk to work, or go afterwards instead.

D)I could use some more money but just can’t get more sales.  Make connections, create more ideas, and talk to more people who make sense for what you represent.

E)THE GRAND FINALE: It’s just SO HARD out there because of the economy and Obamacare and global warming and ten million other things.  Let’s cut it out: we are in the most fortunate position in the world. (If we are reading this we have internet access which probably also means we have shelter and water.  More than most unfortunately are able to say.)  

To quote my mentor and friend Anthony Iannarino in regards to how you survive the politics of the world: “Just outrun the bastards!”

There are many things I plan on doing better and more of in 2014 and it all goes back to mindset for me and answering anything in my mind with “Why not?” I believe I’m just getting started in life.

Why can’t it happen for you?  Why can’t you do this for the world?

Why can’t you rise to the top of your company?

You can and you will if you have the mindset and say WHY NOT!

Let’s GO!

Carpe Diem