Free up wasteful time and get more efficient

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“I just wish I had more time each day.”

“I would totally do something more but I’m slammed all day every day.”

“How do you find the chance to do everything in one day that you do?”

Those statements and those questions are what I receive the most each and every day other than “Why are you wearing a hot dog suit?” See my contact page if you don’t know that answer and are curious!

It seems that a vast majority of the population today wants more out of their life.  They want to tap into their passions, build something fun and valuable from the ground up, sell the hell out of themselves and whatever they do in life, travel the world, write a book, run a marathon, reconnect with old friends, throw their parents a memorable anniversary party, etc.

But we are stuck.  We can’t get the wheels to all turn together because we feel buried, overwhelmed, overworked, and always “on.”

It’s true with our 24/7 world more demands are placed on our time than ever before for not just our professional careers but our personal lives as well.  If you don’t like your sister’s new baby photo on Facebook within five minutes of the post a fight might occur…sound familiar?!

That’s why I’m in the end stages of the first of five “Extraordinaire Recipes” that are designed to offer a different building block in your life to live the life you want and that quite frankly…you deserve!  IF anyone tells you differently I suggest to politely not listen to them, you are meant to do something meaningful, fun, and extraordinary in your life…that’s the bottom line.

Because of all the feedback, questions, and stress around the subject of “time” the first of these recipes I’m building for you is the “Efficiency Recipe.” 

I have a background and history of being a very efficient person (insert pat on my own back as well why don’t you Mike!) and I felt it’s the first step necessary to live the life you want.

You have to free up as much wasteful and useless time as possible before you can think about doing all of the great things you want to do in this world.

The 25 step Efficiency Recipe will be available at the end of the year and it will get you a minimum of 2 hours of available time to live that life you want.  To make sure you know when it’s available join my newsletter crew!  When you join the crew you’ll also get great podcast stories and my best tips on how to build a community idea from the ground up in your life.  Join us every other Wednesday for these inspirational stories, action driven tips, and get a copy of my story guide just for joining!

Take action now as I’m going to share with you the first half of the first of TWENTY FIVE steps in the upcoming Efficiency Recipe!  Take the action by doing it today and you’ll be shocked at the time you’ll stop spending glancing at your phone with every buzz, ding, and light that goes off on your notifications.

Here’s the action step from the Efficiency Recipe:

-Go through all of the apps on your phone and turn off your notifications on them.

-When you actually get on the app you can see what has happened but turn off the ones that light up your phone all day that you “got mentioned in a tweet” “have a new friend on Facebook” or “an endorsement on LinkedIn.”

It might not seem like it but they distract you all day long and pull you away from the work you are supposed to be doing.  Spend a little bit of time turning all of these notifications off so that the only thing you receive on your cell phone is a phone call or text message (which should be silent when you are doing tough strategy work) and you’ll free up LOTS of time!

This is just a little sneak preview and one of many steps in the Efficiency Recipe that I can’t wait to share with you in about two months. 

But if you want that life you have always dreamt about but don’t think you have the time to do things every day to start living that dream take action with this step.

Turn off those notifications!  I’d be willing to guess it will give you at least 30 minutes of time each day.

If you want to talk more about this step or the upcoming Efficiency Recipe I’d love to at or leave your comments below after you have done the step yourself!

Carpe Diem and spread those good vibes!