Dreaming in the Field

-They can't come if you don'tbuild it.png

We visited the movie site for "Field of Dreams" this summer.

The famous quote in the Kevin Costner movie is "If you build it, they will come."
How do we build something from the ground up though?
It takes a lot of time, energy, dedication, and grunt work.
It can be frustrating and the obstacles you need to pass can be overwhelming if you don't look at it as "one step at a time."

However we are all meant to build our own "Field of Dreams" in this world.  
And it's worth it when we do, because we are then truly living the life we want and deserve.

Where to start?

Here are five tips to get going…take action today and start filling these out and the groundwork for your field will be laid.

1) What are three passions that I want to tap into and possibly build my idea around? For myself it's revolved around basketball, fitness, and writing to name a few.
2) What is my timeline to launch something?  Six months from now?  One year? Two years?
3) Look for something that is missing in your community.  Is there an opportunity that you think has an existing market of supporters but is not being done yet, see where your passions align with a missing market.
4) Name five people you can trust to talk to and give you honest feedback about some of the ideas without ripping you down.  The ones that will help you improve the half baked ideas and not put it on the shelf.
5) Start focusing in on what is doable, necessary, and come up with one or two possibilities and then start refining by talking to your five people.

Kevin Costner will be proud of the work you are doing and of course you know I'm here to support you as well!

Share some of the action you take with me at mike@marketingfunwithmike.com and we have a new podcast out so take a listen to a former Hot Dog Vendor turned "Hot Dog Man!My chat with Mr Rob Merlino is on the podcast page.!

Carpe Diem,