Checking us out

Creating a personal brand or at least not creating a personal disbrand is vital to your future because they are “checking us out.”

What is a personal brand?  Your message and story that provides value to the world and all those you interact with.  An extension of who you are that will separate you from the rest of the pile in job interviews, meetings, making a difference, and living your life the way you want to.

What is a personal disbrand? Doing a disservice to yourself by giving people the opportunity to judge for themselves without knowing the facts who you really are out there.  (Mainly through the Internet.)

Who is “checking us out?” Employers, possible new connections, clients, prospects, family, friends, mice, doorknobs, and anyone else who can get an Internet connection!

My friend is down at the 2013 MLB Winter Meetings and he told me he was in a room full of 300 people listening to a higher up for one of the MLB teams say that we don’t need you to provide references when you interview with us down here.  We know your references will say good things about you.

What we will do instead he went on to say was check out your facebook, twitter, linkedin, website, ask people you have worked with, etc about you.  Essentially: “Checking us out” online.

We better be ready!  Even if you are an entrepreneur you want your clients or possible clients to view you in your true light.  It’s not just for people interviewing for jobs.  But it’s vital that we shed our story on the world and not let others choose for themselves what they believe our story is!

Creating a personal brand is the best way to do this.  

I mean you can still post fun photos of yourself just try not to be drunk or naked in every single one of your facebook albums or instagram photos.

Is it right?  Is it fair?

We put ourselves out there and we all agreed to use this technology.  It’s sink or swim time.

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