After all the fireworks

_One chapter closing creates.png

The anticipation, the build up, and all of the fireworks have now come and gone.  The euphoria of the last game is over.

I'm curious as to what Derek Jeter is thinking about doing today.  Now that his locker in Yankee Stadium is cleared out and after 20 years playing in that uniform it's officially over.
He will have the offers for endorsements, to coach in the Yankees organization, or to become a play by play guy for Major League Baseball.
The above photo is one of two opportunities I had in my life to see Jeter play in person.  Both just regular season games but both a blast to see.

But what he really feels like doing today, that's what I'm interested to know. (Sidenote: If you know him and wouldn't mind asking him let me know what he says.)
Because after all the fireworks are over and you've been doing something day in and day out for 20 years…what's next?
He had vacations and time off but the man's goal was to play baseball, win World Series, and be the shortstop for the Yankees.

He's one of the legends.  Not for his defense but for his personality, the way he conducted himself, the fact he was a gamer, and that he was clutch and won in the spotlight consistently.
I've said we can all tap into our passions and build an idea from the ground up. 
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But Jeter took that a step further and built an entire career and lifestyle from the ground up.

But no matter how long the ride goes after all the fireworks it eventually comes to a close.
For Derek Jeter, for you, and for me.

The big question is…are you up for doing it all over again?
Sure Jeter can't be a shortstop anymore…but he has an opportunity over the next 20 years of his life to make an ever bigger impact than the past 20 years.
Coaching little kids, building stadiums in third world countries, starting a league wide mentor program for young players, whatever it may be the choice is up to him.

But it will be up to us when our curtain closes on one chapter.  It doesn't mean we can't turn the page and build on the previous chapter and make it even better than the last one.
My hat is tipped to Jeter and all those who have done something they believed in for as long as they possibly could.

Take some action and answer that question…when one chapter closes are you up to doing it again? And if so what will that look like?
Keep rocking and Carpe Diem!