Opportunities Abound

There are no jobs available according to the latest reports.
Our country doesn't have the experience to do that.
We are stuck in a vicious cycle and we can't get out of it.
The workforce is dissatisfied with the opportunities.

Any of those could be your local news headlines for the evening or late news, the morning they'll stick to a weather and traffic report to get you bummed out before you head out the door.

But what if there were opportunities abound more than ever? 
Would we know about them?
Would we be interested in learning more?

I've had some meetings with potential clients the past few weeks in some industries in our world that are paying more than ever, need good young people, and older people with experience.
Back and forth we go if we are in a recession, uptick, or a state of constant flux.

Here's what the reality is: There are opportunities abound!

But here's the reality that goes with it: We have to hustle and create if we want the opportunities.  Click to Tweet!

The days of getting one job for your whole life and being able to be handsomely rewarded for an easy day's work are over.

But here's what is needed…

1) Sales people.  Be yourself, find an industry you are passionate about, and relentlessly hustle.  There is always room for you at the table.
2) Artists.  Whether it be a writer, farmer, local community leader, coach, or teacher.  People that serve a purpose for the betterment of society will find a place at the table.
The word "artist" is used here to describe anyone willing to create something and not just tell other people what to do.
3) The good old entrepreneur has more opportunities than ever to succeed.  Crowdfunding, social media, building a personal brand, etc.  All of those are new avenues for success.
4) Trades.  Apprenticeships into blue collar and trade work.  They need and want good people willing to sweat and hustle.
5) Fighters.  There are more organizations than ever that are fighting for something bigger, for change in this world.  Whether it is a non profit or someone like a "young Apple" if you can stick your neck out
and stir up the status quo you can find a seat.

It's not easy…I'm not here to tell you that.  If it was easy I wouldn't get up an hour early every single day of the week to write a blog that I'm uncertain of people reading or not.
But I want to write and if I can help one person, just you, for each blog that I write.  That hour is well worth it.

Opportunities are abound for the crazies, the misfits, the hustlers, the passionate ones, and the grinders out there.  Click to Tweet!

Hope to see you on one of the teams, here's your call to action.  Decide on a team to play on.
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Spread good vibes, demand the best from yourself, Carpe Diem!

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