What we all want

What we all want is a loaded question if asked to a group of people. (Like a human sized banana or money hat that I have above!

You probably get a wide array of answers and some pretty hilarious and sort of depressing thoughts as well.

One thing that I believe is to never stop growing and evolving in the way in which we live our lives.  The journey doesn't end just because you found your hot dog stand, aka passion and calling in life, it means you will have to work incredibly hard at it to turn it into a career.

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But the more people I have spoken to and the more analysis I have conducted with my clients, prospects, businesses, friends, and family is one thing that we all want a little bit more of is something that there is no more of in this world.

And that is time.

Time can not be increased.

But the more I speak with people it seems that is the one thing people wished they had more of.

Marketing Fun With Mike is all about creative, fun, and strategic marketing of course! But it's also about serving those who want to find their passion in life or how to sell in a human way to thrive in your career.

But you can't do any of those things without having the time necessary to accomplish what you want to do in your life.

I'm lucky…I used to have no time.  I was always frantic and running from place to place…then I figured out how to become more efficient and it has honestly been the greatest professional change in my life since realizing I could work at a job every single day that I loved.  (The Hot Dog Stand Theory if you will.)

But if we all want more time and we can't add any minutes to the clock what are we left with??

Taking less time to doing all of the other things we don't want to do.  It's about being more efficient and more organized.

When you have more time you will be able to grow both personally and professionally in ways you had always wanted but previously couldn't.

Being efficient and organized will lay the foundation for you to thrive in your career, find your passion, and live the life you have always wanted and deserve.

What we all want is something we can't get.  

But by cleaning up our processes each day we will be able to get that time built up for us to start tackling that to do list that never gets done.

If you can do this on your own…awesome!  Congrats!

But for those who might need a little help…I'm happy to announce that I'm working on the first of a few Marketing Fun With Mike Recipes…to lay the sturdy foundation you need to live the life you want and deserve.

This program will teach in 30 days how to become an Efficiency Extraordinaire and to literally create at least 14 hours of new time for you each week (2 hours per day minimum guaranteed!) so you can finally get what we all want:


The Recipe will be ready January of 2015. 

Get your time back and you'll get everything you want in your life and more.

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Carpe Diem