Taking an Email Detox

Are we ready to enter rehab and take an email detox?

How does it happen?  Email is one of the most useful inventions of the past 50 years.

However it becomes a crutch when used in the wrong way.  We become so dependent on email that we can’t imagine our lives without it.  

Much like the FOMO that occurs to people when they haven’t been on their favorite social media outlet in the past few hours; we start to panic that the world is falling apart if we don’t have our email open every second of every day.

We start to feel that our clients will be upset if we don’t get back to them within seconds.  

How do we know when we have become sickly addicted to email?

We jump to our phones every second we hear a new ding on our phone only to see that it is a spam message.

We leave our inbox open all day while we are trying to create something of strategic importance and keep getting distracted with every ding that pops up in the corner of our eye of our outlook display.

We FREAK out if we won’t have email access for more than an hour or two and we start to look and feel like an addict that is trying to detox off of an actual drug. (Well that sign might be the final straw when you know it’s time for an email detox.)

The cold hard truth?

Letting yourself go on email and picking the right times to use it and taking off the alerts on your phone for every time you receive a new one will double your efficiency and productivity, improve your relationships, and drastically increase your sales if you are involved in the sales process in any way in your career.

Let me repeat what the Marketing Fun With Mike EMAIL DETOX can do for you:





How does it work?

1)We can leave email access on your phone (I personally don’t unless I type in the URL on my phone web browser) but we need to rid ourselves of any alerts each time an email comes in.

2)Pick 2-3 times per day to check our email.  I typically do it around 10am, 1pm, and 4-5pm because of the way my industry works.

3)Keep our email closed the rest of the day!

4)But Mike?!?!  I have just created a proposal for a client and I need to send it to them.  That’s fine.  Work on the proposal, finish it, open your email, send the email, and close it back up.  It really is that easy!

When we take an email detox we will slowly start to train ourselves and all those we interact with of the way we use email.  If a client or a friend really has a true emergency they won’t email you.  They will call you on your cell phone.

Ridding ourselves of our email addiction and taking an email detox will put us on the fast track in our careers more than ever before!

Do you need more help with taking the email detox??  I’m always available at mike@marketingfunwithmike.com (remember my email check times!) and we can discuss in more detail how to get you into email rehab and feeling like email is just a useful tool again!

Are you ready to take that email detox but you don’t have a career game plan to kick start it yet?!  My Hot Dog Stand Marketing Books WILL help you get on track!

Carpe Diem!