Step by Step Day by Day


Everything we do in life in order to improve (or in some instances tear down) our careers starts with one small step on one small day.

A mentor of mine and one of my favorite writers and bloggers in the world Chris Guillebeau has released his 3rd book today and it's about his odyssey to visit every single country in the world.
He accomplished this a few years back.  But even he has said that it all had to start with visiting one place, one new country, on one day.

As I've mentioned on here I'm releasing over the next two to three years five "Extraodinaire Recipes" to help you live the life you want and deserve.
These programs are going to be covering a variety of fields that will give you the building blocks to live that passionate life and build that idea from the ground up you've always wanted to launch.
Not every Recipe will be for every reader on this blog.  More info to come on that soon, but to get the most up to date info on the launch of the first one and my new book sign up for my newsletter HERE!

But as I've been getting closer to finishing the first of these recipes, "Become an Efficiency Extraordinaire", the case studies have brought something profoundly important to my attention.
They've all given great feedback, things they love, things I need to improve, etc.  One common theme though is they love the simplicity and layout of "one day at a time."
That's all it is.  It's a 25 day program.  If you take it one day at a time and apply each step that you are given each day then you will get 14 more hours per week to live the life you want and deserve.

It doesn't matter what you are trying to accomplish...

If you are visiting every country in the world like Chris was, purchasing my efficiency recipe to get 14 more hours of time per week, writing a book, training for a marathon, or building your community idea from the ground up.
It's all about step by step day by day.  One day, take the step, take the action, and that's it.  Go to the next day.  And then the next one.  You will get there!

Try that out today, whatever you are working on that is a bit more long term.  You will get there…and don't forget to enjoy the ride!

Are you interested in hearing what else the case studies are saying as my final ones prepare for their round?  Here's some feedback!

"Without your program, I might have continued on as I have been.  Now I am going to take the action steps to improve my life."

"I want to travel the world for a year with my family, write a book, write a song, and make my business better because of this program."

"Your setup made the program doable and not overwhelming, which is huge when dealing with organizationally challenged people.  It really was truly helpful!"

The "Efficiency Extraordinaire" Recipe will be ready January of 2015.
Take some action now! Make sure you email me at subject line "Efficiency" to receive all the bonuses and VIP offers that will come with it when it's released!

Thanks for reading, for being part of this community of people wanting to live the lives they want and deserve, and when you take your steps today remember…

Carpe Diem!