Become an Efficiency Extraordinaire

The question that I hear the most from people is “How do I get more time in my day?”


Or the response so many of us unfortunately give to why we didn’t do something is “I didn’t have the time.”

My goal at Marketing Fun With Mike is Helping You Live the Life You Want and Deserve.  That can be through passion coaching to find your hot dog stand, sales training for business owners and salespeople, and of course the most fun marketing programs around.

You can’t have the life you want and deserve without having the time to live it!

That’s why I’m proud to announce the first of five Marketing Fun With Mike Blueprints.  They will lay the foundation for to you live the life you want and deserve depending on what area you need help with.

The first blueprint is “Become an Efficiency Extraordinaire!”  I pride myself on my ability to be the most efficient and organized while living in the present moment as much as possible.

In fact many have clamored me for a while to come out with a program but I wanted to make it the absolute best it could be.

It’s a 25 Day Action Step Program and I’m going to be taking six wonderful people through the program as case studies over the next three months.

My guarantee to you is that it will get you 14 Additional Hours of Time each week to live the life you want and deserve.  To give you more time to find that hot dog stand, thrive in your career, or whatever else you need and want in your life.

It won’t be out until the end of the year (make sure you are the first to know about the release when you sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get my new story guide for free but until then stay focused on the present moment, make forward movement on your goals every day, and don’t forget to be yourself, smile, and have some fun!

This life is a great journey and we can follow the path we want if we allow ourselves to do it.

For a lot of us it’s getting more time in the day to do it.  When you Become an Efficiency Extraordinaire the time will be there!

Have a great day everyone and if you have any further questions about the blueprint feel free to email me anytime at

Thanks for being a part of this community and Carpe Diem!