Adults Minds when the Snow Falls

It was a little early in the year but the first snow fall of the year came to Columbus Ohio yesterday.
I'll be the first to admit it, I was for many years the crotchety old man who dreaded the winter and grumbled through it.
Yesterday I was taking pics of the beauty of the snow to post on Instagram, excited to know how many children were enjoying the first snowfall, and overall loved the changing of the season.
What's happened to bad attitude winter Mike over the past few years?

My mindset.  We all have choices in our lives and we can choose to not let one of the seasons drag us down and make us grouchy for a quarter of our lives.
Children adore the snow and are truly excited about it.  While we don't get to build snowmen all day every day (though what is really stopping from you taking a day off and doing that?!) something peculiar happens to our adult minds when the snow falls.

But it's really about mindset and choices of how we will handle situations, after 10% of life is what happens to you and 90% is how you react to it.

Here's a few other tips to consider with winter looming:
1) Pick a new craft and learn it to develop yourself personally or professionally.  If you really will be inside more learn a foreign language, how to knit, or write that book this winter.
2) Head to a ski/tubing center or place in the country and try not to have fun in the snow.
3) Go build a snowman with your kid, niece, or just another buddy from the neighborhood.  Or get in a snowball fight…it's still fun!
4) Build a fire outside in a safe manner during the next snowfall and enjoy it as it comes down.
5) Get 2 more hours per day to be your most efficient self ever so in the spring you have time to tackle more things you love.  Sign up for the newsletter on the sidebar to get all the info
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6) Build a community idea from the ground up focusing on giving people positive reinforcement throughout each winter season.

Every single day we have an opportunity to sulk through the day, especially when it's cold, and let that negative mindset overtake us.
But we also have the opportunity each day to let our positive actions, enjoyment of what we do with our lives, and the chance to be in the moment overtake us.

Children make the choice every day to enjoy.  For some reason when the snow falls adults minds drift to the other mindset.
This winter…make the choice…choose the positive mindset and take a few of those tips from my list to get going on enjoying the snow!

Would love to hear which of the tips you might add in this winter, leave your comments below or hit me up at
Thanks for being a part of this community, I truly appreciate you.  If you have someone you think might enjoy this as well…please share it with them.

Spread good vibes, demand the best from yourself, Carpe Diem!