World Kindess Day

What if I gave away a pack of hot dogs to every single person I saw on the street today?

It was just one idea okay!  Today is World Kindness Day and I wanted to do something to celebrate.
I am going to send a signed copy of my first book to you or someone you think would enjoy it and an E copy of my 2nd book if you email me at today!
Two winners only.  No newsletter sign up required, just a little fun free read giveaway to celebrate World Kindness Day.

Do we need to make World Kindness Day a holiday?  Or can we just practice it every day we wake up?

Here's a few things if we implement more it might lead to some more World Kindness the other 364 days each year!

1) Hold the door open for everyone you can.
2) Take a deep breath and smile when you get cut off in traffic. Click to Tweet that friend!
3) Say Hi and Good Morning when you walk by people on the street
4) Send someone a hand written thank you note for just being a friend or a support.
5) Give someone a hug instead of a handshake when you haven't seen them for a while.
6) Enjoy yourself!  It's hard to be kind if you are miserable so enjoy your day.

And a few things to check out that might keep you enjoying yourself and being kind every day.

1) The Daily Good
2) We are all cousins AJ Jacobs World Domination Summit Talk
3) Just google "kindness quotes!"

I'll leave you with this quote from one of the kinder guys around…

"An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.” --Gandhi

With that it's time to take some action; email me to win both books today and enjoy World Kindness Day!

Spread good vibes, demand the best from yourself, Carpe Diem!