Most surprising benefit to Efficiency

He doesn’t just spout off ideas of what you ‘should’ do, but he reflects on his own personal inefficient habits and how he has remedied them for himself and found more time.  Thus, creating this wonderful recipe he shares."

That quote is from Gail who is one of the final case studies in my Efficiency Extraordinaire Recipe. 

Let's first start off with the fact that the case studies have finished going through the program.  They all loved the recipe and have gotten their "2 hours per day" back into their lives that I believe you will get as well when you receive it.
The Efficiency Recipe will be available to the public on January 2nd, 2015 and not only will you get the "recipe" but a whole bunch of awesome VIP bonuses to help you live the life you want and deserve!
It's the first of my FIVE "Extraordinaire Recipes" that will be released over the coming years to truly help you with a different facet of your life and career depending on what you want to improve or thrive in.
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This program is for people who want to free up time to do more in their lives than they currently are able to.  Write a book, run a marathon, coach their kids baseball team, start a community project, build a new business, etc.  It is not for someone who simply wants to check more email and work longer hours at a job they don't believe in.  There's nothing wrong with that I want to just be honest on who it can help the most and who I don't think it will provide as much as benefit too for the cost.

Gail's quote rings true.  I was inefficient.  I truly have worked very hard to remedy myself with my own habits to live the life that I want.

Do you know what the most surprising part of efficiency is?
I learned this while going through my own habits, becoming more efficient, and the work I have done on this recipe.
The most surprising part of efficiency is the ability to "Be in the Moment!"
We run through each day and have trouble focusing on the present, always worrying about the past and getting anxious about the future, because we feel like we have no time to get everything done.
That is what happens when we are inefficient.
Being efficient allows us the chance "to be there when we are there."  To not be distracted by the next task, to enjoy the sunset, or to be involved in the face to face conversation we are having.

It's a surprising benefit, an extremely awesome one, and something that if you struggle with currently (being present) my Efficiency Recipe will help you greatly with! 
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What can you do before right now to be more present?
1) When you are working on something put all distractions away.  I close my email, put my phone on silent, and even turn it upside down!
2) Look around you when you are outside and take notice of something beautiful and capture it.  It will start to become a habit.
3) Take the extra minute to listen to a face to face conversation you are having without having your smartphone out.  Whatever it is can wait and will be there when it's over.

Hope these tips help get you started and more importantly get you inspired to be present!
There are many tangible benefits to being efficient I think but this was certainly a surprising one.

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