When you least expect it

An opportunity to market the company you work for in a positive (or negative) way can happen when you least expect it.  Building loyalty to the brand you represent (or having it torn down) will come at the strangest times.

Case in point:

Today is New Year’s Eve.  Not what I would consider a holiday in my book in terms of normal business hours changing.  But I showed up at my gym this morning at 650 am to locked doors.  I noticed then a small sign I must have missed the past few days that said New Year’s Eve hours 8a-6p.

It was about 15 degrees out and I was in shorts so I felt that running outside wouldn’t be smart and I had to be at work at 830 so my work clothes were packed and I wanted to get my workout in!

Across the street is a Hyatt Place hotel.  I stop in from time to time for a cup of tea after a workout when I have some time to kill and I knew they had a gym.

Across the street I went…I offered to pay to use the gym and smiling I kindly explained my predicament.  The lady went to find out what the manager would charge if they could do it (I was hoping under $20) and the lady came out and said the manager would let me work out free of charge.  He said it was a bummer on the changed hours of the gym and this workout was on him.

She let me in and I enjoyed a great workout.  I thanked her and the manager again profusely on my way out and wished them a Happy New Year.

When you least expect it the opportunity arises to find a new fan.

Do you know what I am now?  An advocate for Hyatt!  I’ll tell that story to everyone I know over the coming weeks and the next time my hotel search is down to a Hyatt or similar priced hotel I’ll remember that and lean towards the Hyatt.

They built their brand this morning.  They let their marketing work on someone at a time when they and I would least expect it to be needed.  Remarkable level of customer service is #1 on the Hot Dog Stand Marketing Version of Sales.  That team at the Hyatt Place certainly passed that test this morning!

When you least expect the opportunity you’ll have the chance to tell your story, build a great brand, and pay it forward.  The tricky part is always being ready.

Hyatt could have said “No our policy doesn’t let us do that sorry.” OR “You can purchase a room for the day that’s all we can do.”

But they were humans instead.  And humans tell great marketing stories better than reading off your policies and contracts like a robot.

Anyone have a similar story they want to share?  Leave in the comments below!

And as always if you need help with anything marketing and sales related or are looking for a way to spice up your company outing or conference with some hot dog stand marketing email me at mike@marketingfunwithmike.com.

I’ll be back in 2014, Carpe Diem and Happy New Year!


PS: In case you were wondering if I went to work smelly and sweaty the gym opened at 8am when I was done working out so I went on over and still used the showers to clean up!