When Marketing is Fun and Effective

YES!  There are companies out there who have chosen a marketing strategy that is FUN yet also EFFECTIVE.

Hard to believe at times…everyone seems very serious about the lowest price and how they are dead set on top notch customer service.

But maybe it makes sense to stop talking about those things and do the top notch customer service while doing other fun effective things beyond a good deal.

Enter Chipotle…

As I sat in Chipotle by myself last night having dinner right before my basketball practice next door began for the 8th graders I coach I wanted to resist the urge to grab my phone out of my pocket and actually enjoy the good tunes and tasty food Chipotle offers.

It was easy…especially with reading material like this…



Chipotle does a wonderful job of just being funny with their creative marketing on their cups.  They don’t have to do it…but why not?!

And when they run out of a specific item like their farm raised steak…they have a fun sign and apology letter from the whole team about the travesty!

They could just not tell their consumers this at all.  But they pride themselves on their quality and humanely raised products and they charge a premium for it.  So when they don’t have it they want to give you full disclosure about it.

It’s honest, open, fun, and effective marketing.

And it works.  At least on me…it is the only fast food restaurant in the country that I know I can go get a healthy meal at, both nutritionally and from a non hormone and antibiotic ingested standpoint, and I go there quite often.

(In case you are wondering how on Earth you eat healthy at Chipotle: Beans, Veggies, Choice of Meat, Salsa, Guac, and Lettuce…nothing else and no chips sorry!)

The point is Chipotle told a story to me last night on that cup about who they are and what they believe in.

They make their marketing FUN yet also EFFECTIVE and every single one of us can too from a personal branding standpoint or from a company standpoint if we so choose.

It’s a lot more valuable than talking about slashing prices. 

Listen in to Volume 13 of the Hot Dog Stand Chronicles with Anthony Iannarino and I.  He offers insight on where our world is headed and the places he wants to see in it.

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Any other companies that you know that are making their marketing fun but also effective??

Comments below!

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