What Hot Dog Stand Month has taught me

I'm sure you know already…but it's Hot Dog Month!

And we are celebrating of course right here with 31 videos in 31 days.  Check them all out on my YouTube page HERE
Hot Dog Month I'm sure is driving a few of you crazy…thinking to yourselves seriously how many of these videos is he going to post?
(31 is the answer!)
For myself it has been time consuming, fun, and rewarding.  Of course my hope would be for it to go viral but even if I get one person to smile and laugh each day from a video it's totally worth it.
But it's also taught me a few things…
1) It's okay to take a break from your normal social media marketing and do something that is totally different and fun.  Even if it doesn't have a direct tie in back to what you are doing in your business.
2) I have a lot of great family, friends, and people in the community willing to help out and do some filming and then watch them.  That support is never lost on me.
3) It has given me the time to think a little bit about exactly how I can help you the most.  Which is very important for the long term I think.

I'll be perfectly honest with you…I want to help everyone with everything!
Make your marketing fun yet also effective? Check I can do that!
Help you find your passion/hot dog stand? Check I'll help you out!
Thrive in your sales career? Check anytime you need it I'll be there!
Turn your passion into a career? Check I'm on it!
Build a personal brand, help you be more efficient, get inspired, love your life? Of course I can do all of those!

But hot dog month has given me a little time to realize that I can't do all of those things all of the time for everyone.
I know it comes down to owning it and ownership in your life.  That's what I'm going to help you do…what that specific ownership is?
That's what I've been doing some soul searching on and I'll be continuing to work on long after hot dog month is over.
To better serve you, to better help you, and to better equip you with the ability to live the life you want and deserve.

If you have a thought or comment on what you need the MOST help with please let me know.  I always love to hear from you.

The efficiency recipe program is done with edits and going through the case study phase.  After that it will be ready for you.
From there we'll be taking ownership of something…what it is…that's for us to hopefully decide together.

For now enjoy the rest of Hot Dog Month, I hope that it teaches me and you even more over the final two weeks of it.

Carpe Diem!