Top Ten Things a Salesperson can learn from Mom

Holy Smokes when Junior D Sports and I were talking on my newest podcast the other day we were laughing about how many top ten lists are around.

Well here’s a new list for you in honor of all the wonderful Mothers in the world.

This is an official Marketing Fun With Mike Production…for real!

Top Ten Things a Salesperson can learn from Mom

1)Listen more, talk less.  If you are a Mom you let your kids get a lot of gabbing in and you learn to listen.  Same in sales when you are talking to a client.

2)Patience. Kids are hard to deal with…patience helps.  Building a relationship in sales requires plenty of patience.

3)Never giving up.  No matter how crazy you seem a Mom will never give up on you.  You can never give up in your career either.

4)Donuts always help!  When you were down as a kid Mom knew a box of donuts would do the trick…dropping off a box of donuts to your favorite client or prospect has never been proven to do any harm!

5)Learning something new every day.  We did wild and stupid things as kids.  Moms got to learn on the fly and find something new out every day.  When we are meeting with so many different types of businesses and people same rules apply.

6)Smile more.  Your Mom’s smile can calm the storm.  Same with a rowdy client.

7)Show gratitude, compassion, and kindness to everyone you deal with.  Mom taught you that, time to keep using it every day in your career.

8)Don’t let anyone hold you down.  You were meant to fly.  Your mom believed in you…believe in yourself.

9)Be Yourself…you are who you are and your Mom accepted that.  Your clients will too if you just do it.

10)Love your clients as much as your Mom has loved you!

10.5) Just for kicks…don’t say anything to a client you wouldn’t say in front of your Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!  If your finger slips onto the share button I won’t mind I promise.

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Carpe Diem and thank you for reading!