The Right Price Isn't Enough

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When I was in my senior year of college we had an in depth group project in our marketing research class.

We had to come up with a full marketing plan for a company after doing focus group studies, deciding on a demo, and choosing a launching point for a new campaign for a company.
Skyy Vodka was just coming out at the time and I remember our team wound up choosing to do an endorsement for Skyy Vodka with Big Boi, the rapper from Outkast, as the new spokesperson.
Presenting it to the class we had some questions from other students and the professor. I recall someone wanting to know why we didn't also include Andre 3000, the other rapper in Outkast at the time, as an endorser.
Andre doesn't drink so it was easy in my eyes not to have him in it but some thought for the right price he would still be willing to do it.

That was 2004.

Here we are in 2014 and we still get marketing thrown at us trying to convince us to do something "for the right price."

Price is not everything.  Money is not the king.  Companies have thrived in the past, the present, and the future without settling on telling their customers about the perceived right price.
Uber, Apple, Nike, Trek Mountain Bikes and thousands more are more concerned about marketing their story and what it means to you rather than just letting you know about a deal.

Andre 3000 from Outkast would have never settled for any type of money to endorse alcohol when he doesn't drink.  It doesn't align with his story.
When you are marketing yourself, your position in a career, or your business you shouldn't settle for any type of price battles that don't align with your story.

Make your marketing valuable, relevant, turnkey, and of course FUN!  If we can't smile all day while we work what's the point of it all?

If you need help on getting off of "the right price" and onto "what really matters" I'd love to help you craft that story.  I do consulting for small businesses that want to matter and stand for more than price.
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Ten years later Skyy Vodka still hasn't taken our idea to use Big Boi for a spokesperson but Big Boi did endorse Crown Royal Black starting in 2011.  We must have been onto something!

Thanks for reading everyone, have a wonderful day.  Always feel free to leave your comments, share this with a friend, and say Carpe Diem really loud to a stranger today!