The Good Old Days of Selling

We all have a product to sell or represent.  No matter your career, position, business, lifestyle, or skills.  There is some type of product that you are selling or representing.

Back in the “good old days” we sold with the thought process that if we could convince people they needed our product badly enough to go out and buy it.

And it worked.  There were a couple of TV stations, no internet, talk radio, and the newspaper.  Product reviews were rare and the trust factor was at an all time high.

The “good old days” were a great time for those in the business with enough money to convince people they needed it.  The “good old days” as you might have guessed are long gone.

But the good old days weren’t really here all that long.  Maybe from 1900 to the dot com bust.  It might have even not started until the Roaring 1920’s and ended with the dawn of the internet.

So how did you sell whatever you were representing before the good old days started?  I mean we are talking centuries of sales here.

I believe they sold the same way we need to sell now.

Selling with a human element.  Being yourself and being completely open and upfront about what you have.  Not trying to convince somebody but rather letting that person see the value you have and deciding on their own that what you have is right for them.

Selling to those who truly need it and selling to only those who will truly benefit from it.

Tapping into your passion and your creation, whatever it may be, and putting your own signature on it.

Really the good old days weren’t that good nor that old when you really think about it.  And they don’t seem that much fun either.

Put your personal spin on what you are selling.  You can do it however you would like.  At the sports talk radio station I sell a traditional media, that is the truth.  But I sell it about untraditionally as possible and because of that the “good old days” of selling never enter my head or my clients head when we are doing business.

The TRUE good old days happened for centuries before us and can happen right now today if you let them. 

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