The Best Marketing in the World

The absolute tip top shiny and perfect marketing that is the best in the world doesn’t mean anything without a great idea.

Sometimes businesses want to focus on this clever out of this world marketing plan.  They’ll spend hours and weeks in strategy meetings fine tuning every aspect of it.

And then…after all of that blood, sweat, and tears…

It falls flat on its face and it is a huge disaster.


The First Three P’s of marketing that get all the focus when working on the plan are price, promotion, and place.

We’ll tailor our whole message about how we have the best deals, the most convenient location, the number one customer service in the world, etc.

If our products sucks it doesn’t matter if we have the best marketing in the world.

A crappy product can’t be hidden behind the best sales team, the smartest entrepenuer, the best C level manager, or the best marketing team in the world.

If it sucks…it will fail.

Let’s start our focus on the most important P of them all: Product.

Your product is your story.  It’s your idea and your identity.  Without everything else falls apart.

It’s not that our marketing doesn’t work when the campaign falls flat.  We just forget that we can’t hide our product behind a shiny place, price, and promotion.

And don’t forget about the 5th of marketing: People!

Focus on your product and your people/story/idea and the place, price, and promotion will take care of itself!

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