The Art of Being Deserving

I’ll admit it.  I used to rarely deserve it.  And now there are times when I still don’t.

But the art of being deserving of your clients time is one of the most profound habits you can chisel and chip away at each day to become truly indispensable and integral to your clients.

Some may say they don’t work in that type of industry where they need to work with clients.  And that’s where I’ll say don’t leave yet.  Because you do, every single one of us works with a different human being in some shape or form and that is your client.

If we aren’t bringing enough to the table that we can confidently answer this important question we need to rethink what we are doing in the first place.

The entire point of business and having a career (and a Hot Dog STAND!) that you love having is being able to have the courage to know in your heart that what you have to say and what you can help accomplish with your clients is well deserving of their time and for them to listen to you.

What are some ways we can become more deserving of time for those that are important to our professional success?

1)Represent a product or idea that you buy into.

2)Find those that believe in that same idea and want to work with someone like you.

3)Find solutions to their problems based around those ideas that help make their lives more meaningful and better.

4)Deliver happiness to them!

5)Never stop improving it!  Then we will always be worthy of our clients time.

For my own experience at the radio station it was when I stopped selling radio spots and starting selling IDEAS.

On Marketing Fun With Mike my goal is three fold:

1)Help you find your hot dog stand and put it into motion.

2)Teach a way of business, sales, and marketing that puts treating humans like humans at the forefront to your success.

3)Help you improve your professional and personal life through these processes.

If I just rambled on here about other people’s books or what I sold in the past at the radio stations I wouldn’t believe that I was deserving of your time.  The blog may be free but I certainly consider each and every one of you a client!

Do you have any suggestions in how we can all be more deserving of our client’s time?  Or how I can be to you?

Leave them in the comments or send me an email

Be Great Today and Carpe Diem!