The 5th P of Marketing

Anyone with a business degree/background or has spoken to anyone even remotely close to the marketing industry loves to talk about the 4 P’s of marketing.

1) Product 2) Place 3) Price 4) Promotion 5)??? Was the 5th P left out when you learned them in your class?

NOPE! It is a marketing fun with mike original! 

The 5th P is PERSON. And that person in this case is you. Marketing really comes down to a 5th and most important P and that is who the end user is actually dealing with. As we delve into a new age for business filled with tweets, likes, yelps, check ins, linking, etc I believe customers are going to lean towards the PERSON they like the most when everything is even. And that is going to happen.  We can all get the same products from anywhere at anytime, the prices don’t fluctuate that much unless you want same day shipping, the place can be thrown out of the window because we have every type of business at our disposal…but PERSON is a variable. And you control that variable. Everytime you go out of your way to be kind to a stranger, extra nice to your boss even though they just chewed you out, smile at the customer who has been haggling you on price for the past hour, you are building your own marketing P: Person. Eventually it will come down to the nicest, most super serving, intelligent, person who comes out on top. That is in our control.  We can market ourselves today.  Right now.  We will be able to do it again tomorrow. We can have fun doing it.  It can be enjoyable.  If we have a recession, if we have to raise our prices, if our competitor is claiming faster shipping, we can still promise, and more importanly, DELIVER remarkable extroadinary service.

If you are not in sales, marketing, or business ownership you can translate this to whatever industry you are in. If you are a teacher you market your “person” to the kids so that they are willing to learn more and be more attentive, to your boss so that you get that raise next year, and to all of the parents that you are putting a positive spin on their childs eduaction. Any industry.  Any day. 

We can control the new 5th P of Marketing!  Person. Be yourself, smile, be genuine, and show people that no matter what the first 4 P’s are no one can compete with you on the fifth and final, and newest, P! Thanks for reading everyone!  If you enjoyed this or have further thoughts on the newest P of marketing please leave your comments here or email me HERE if you ever want to ask more questions or talk more about any of my topics or thoughts. 

I am here to listen! CARPE DIEM ALL and have a great HOT day!