New World Sales Mindset

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Have you heard about the revolution that is sweeping the business world?

This one doesn't have anything to do with stock options, profit margins, quarterly revenues, or meeting earnings.

This one is a community of people that have decided the way of sales in the future has a new mindset.

The New World Sales Mindset is about contributing most importantly to the bottom line of one person: The client.  The customer.  The consumer.

It is an exciting time and one in which any person who wants to represent something they believe in, work hard and be dedicated to their task, and live a life they have always wanted to can succeed in.

What does the new world sales mindset include?

1.Being Yourself--Outside of work, inside meetings, at all times.  No more faking.

2.Solving Problems--Why else would somebody buy something?  We have to solve a problem of some kind for the person on the other side of the table.

3.Delivering Happiness--No point in doing all of this work each and every day to have our customers or ourselves be sad and unfulfilled.

4.Represent Something You Believe in--And it can't just be because it's a "good deal." The new mindset involves being passionate about what you are standing up for each day.

5.The relentless pursuit of hustle--Play golf if you like to golf, but don't play golf because you think it will earn you tons of business.  Same goes for anything you do in terms of building relationships.  Do it your way because at the end of the day only the dedicated hustlers and grinders can make it happen.

That's just the tip of the iceberg of the new world sales mindset.  

Are you ready to learn more?  Are you excited but a little apprehensive?

It's intimidating to think those safety net careers are gone.  But they are.

This is the best choice we have.

I can help you get there.  I've built the past ten years of my sales career on this mindset and I can work with you to build yours for the next twenty years.

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You will get a free story guide PDF that will help you determine what kind of community idea you want to build from the ground up.  Which is a great first step.  Then you'll get some inspirational podcast interviews giving you the motivation to get after this mindset and that's when I'll be able to help you start laying the foundation for your future.

Time to throw it up like Warren G! Carpe Diem and thank you for reading and being part of the Marketing Fun With Mike community.