I wouldn't be good at sales

If I had a quarter for every time I had a friend, colleague, or stranger so to me that "I wouldn't be good at sales" I'd have at least enough for a quarter tank of gas! (That's a lot of quarters for real!)

But here's the truth: That is not the truth.
Everyone can be good at sales.  And whether we care to admit or not we are all in sales.
There has been countless times when I have seen people refuse to accept the fact they are selling something in their job.  Even if they aren't technically in the "sales field."

Do you own a business?  You are in sales.  Selling your business.
Do you give presentations? You are in sales.  Selling your idea.
Do you root for a sports team or love a band? You are in sales.  Selling your passion of them.
Like talking up your favorite places to visit? You are in sales.  Selling the location.
Teacher? Selling education.
Police Officer? Selling safety.
Hair Stylist? Selling sexiness.

I wouldn't be good at sales isn't going to cut it anymore!

And it shouldn't cut it…
Because you are so much better than that and you have the brains, confidence, patience, empathy, and charisma to do whatever you want in life…including sales!

How can you be at your best in selling something?
It starts with selling something you believe in.  Something that you are passionate about it and are proud to represent what it stands for.
That would be your Hot Dog Stand.
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After you find your hot dog stand selling isn't easy peazy.
But if you have determination, smarts, and grit along with a few other steps you can take you'll succeed. 
If you are already there with your hot dog stand and need more help in sales I have some ideas for you in the Hot Dog Stand VIP Sales Circle.  Email me at mike@marketingfunwithmike.com for more info.

So I'm going to go ahead and disagree with you (respectfully of course!)
You will be good at sales.
Find your Hot Dog Stand…then let's get talking on this sales thing and how you can thrive and not just survive in your career.

No sales background, no problem.  Think you couldn't be good at sales, no worries.  Afraid you aren't a "sales person", breathe a sigh of relief.
You can do it and won't even succumb to any of those nasty stereotypes they always have for sales people.
Ready?  Let's go!

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Have a great day, thanks for reading, and yep you guessed it…Carpe Diem!