Friday the 13th Sales Funnel

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What is scarier than Friday the 13th?!

The only thing scarier than Friday the 13th to a sales person or a business owner is not having an overflowing funnel of opportunities, prospects, and ideas.

Without we’ll be cut down quicker than a teenager being chased by Freddie Krueger who chooses to run into the abandoned shed at the lake house.

The full moon last Friday the 13th showed the ability of how big and full the moon can get and its capabilities it can have.

In our careers we can only see how far we can stretch ourselves when our funnel is so full that it is overflowing.

Overflowing with prospects that we are showing value in earning time with because they see how much value we are trying to bring to the table.

Overflowing with opportunities that separate what we are bringing to the table from every other sales person or company that is calling them that day.

Overflowing with ideas that are second to none that can both touch their community but also increase their business the right way.

Overflowing with relationships that are thriving and not surviving.

Overflowing to the point that when something is lost or falls out of the funnel there are ten more to fill in.

Sales is a numbers game in the fact that you better have more ideas, opportunities, and prospects than you ever thought possible.

Sales isn’t a numbers game though if you just call people blindly trying to push the lowest price on them.

Because that won’t cut it anymore.

It’s the number one way you can ensure that your career will be flourishing when the next full moon comes around on Friday the 13th…in the year 2049!

Do you need more help with this?  I’m here for you.  My books and my newsletter both cover this and my training has been putting me on the spot to do this for a decade.

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Until next time…Carpe Diem my friend!