Five ways we can sell better

In a world where something falls off your timeline in two seconds (if it appears at all), everyone can come up with a lower price, and technology evolves quicker than the time you have to enjoy a cup of tea the question is:

How can we sell better?

Here are five ways we can sell better that have worked in my career, for my colleagues, clients of Marketing Fun With Mike, and more!

1)Sell something that you believe in and are proud to represent.  The reason Marketing Fun With Mike is so big on the two fold process of finding your hot dog stand, aka passion, first and then selling it (whether it’s a position, business, lifestyle you are selling) is because when you sell something that you truly are excited about your passion and true intentions shine through to prospects and clients.  If you need to still knock out step one and find your passion then sign up for my newsletter HERE for your free book showing you how to do it.

2)Ideas, Ideas, Ideas.  Canned emails of “just checking in” or unsolicited phone calls where people don’t understand your business are just not worth your time.  You have a better shot at winning the lottery or standing on the street corner with a musical instrument to make a good life for yourself.  When you come up with good ideas that put the client and their community (customers) at the forefront you greatly increase your odds.

3)However…it is still a numbers game!  The more people you talk to with these good ideas the better chances you are of increasing your sales and selling better.  Bottom Line.

4)Stop worrying about increasing your sales and just start focusing on how you can help one client at a time, one business at a time, one day at a time.  Stop focusing on how much money you want to make and start figuring out how to help whatever community you serve the best that you can.  If you do that sales will increase and you will make a comfortable honest living.

5)WE ARE ALL IN SALES…accept the notion!  It doesn’t matter the position or industry.  You are selling something.  Teachers are selling education to students, fireman are selling safety and protection to the public.  We all have something that we are selling, preferably a passion of yours.  Anyone can go through my Hot Dog Stand VIP Sales Circle to increase their well being in their career.  Because we are all in sales.  The sooner it is accepted, the sooner you will begin to thrive.

What can you do?  Take these five ways we can sell better and put some action behind them!  Start working on it today, not in a few weeks.  

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Carpe Diem,