Behind the scenes with the Efficiency Recipe Case Studies


The above picture is part of the Efficiency Recipe so it had to be a little blurred out for now!

As you are aware if you have been reading my blog (THANK YOU!) for a while, or if this is your first time in the hot dog stand world (THANK YOU!), you might not know my overall theme is 

"Helping you live the life you want and deserve."

One of the multiple ways in the coming months and years I'm doing this is delivering to you five different "Extraordinaire Recipes!"  

They are paid programs (premium quality I guarantee for what will be a low price for the value you get!) that will cover what people have been asking me for more of and I believe are the pillars in enabling you to "Live the life you want and deserve!"

The first Extraordinaire Recipe will be out in a few short months and the theme is Efficiency and Organization in your life!  After all if you don't have the time to do what you want to do in this is awfully hard to live the life you want.

It seems we can't slow down to enjoy the precious moments and to create the projects and ideas we have always wanted to do.

This recipe is going to free up 2 hours of time per day for you! (If you follow and adhere to the 25 day program and then continue to implement the action steps into your everyday life.)

Currently I have some awesome guinea pigs, ahem, I mean case studies going through the program and here's what they have been talking about and saying to me so far!

"Yikes, cut down to 10 apps????  I just counted and I have 68.  No joke, 68.  This is going to be a TOUGH one!"  

She managed to cut it down though! 

Side note: If you want to give a count of your apps and share with us we'd love to know if you come close or top 47!

"This is simple, to the point, and motivating Mike!"

That's what I'm hoping for...and of course incredibly valuable and effective for you!

"I'm really enjoying the program so far.  It's well done, small investments with big returns, entertaining, and really feel like you are there every step of the way to support and hold me accountable!"

Okay okay that's enough for now!  I'm excited to launch this Extraordinaire Recipe to help you become an Efficiency Extraordinaire and I just wanted to give you a little behind the scenes of what my case studies are currently going through!

If we can become efficient and in the moment each day in our lives then we will lay the most important groundwork to living the life we want and deserve.

And that's all I want for you my friend!

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When will the Efficiency Recipe be ready?  Late 2014 as of now!

Who is it not for? 

1) It is not for someone who believes they HAVE to be attached to their email, phone, and technology or they will be punished in their career.

2) It is not for someone who feels they have it all in their life and there is nothing more on the other side if they could have a few hours freed up.

3) It is not for someone who doesn't want to put in the hard work of taking action steps to be able to live a better they truly want and deserve...

4) It is not for someone who doesn't believe they have a "hot dog stand" aka passion or calling in their life.

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