A New Marketing Strategy: Caring!

The newest and hippest marketing strategy is out there and ready for our taking.  It is all about one word: CARING!

Caring about your customers.  Caring about what you represent.  Caring about the world.  And even caring about yourself.

Sure branding, the focus on the 4P’s of marketing, and unique content creation will still be used in 2014 as marketing strategies by many but this revolutionary strategy of caring may just be what the doctor ordered.

If caring is your marketing strategy then everything else takes care of itself.  The reason you create a product? Because you care.  The decision to launch a new website? Because you care.  Why you ask your customers to take new surveys and thank them for their business? Because you care.

The reason I bring this up is this strategy was used on me and I couldn’t be happier that it was.

I decided at the end of 2013 to do a little something different for my clients and instead of the usual chocolates and wine for holiday gifts give a decent sized (at least in my world!) donation to one of my favorite charities on behalf of all my clients.

I even put together all these cool postcards I got from Value Added Marketing and sent them out to all of my clients.  I figured I might as well send a few to charity:water, the charity I chose to send this donation to.

Charity Water Holiday Card Pic.jpg

I’ve been in love with charity: water for a long time now.  Clean drinking water for the whole world could solve a lot of our problems and they are at the forefront.

But after sending one of the postcards to charity: water they sent me back a sweet T-shirt and a LONG and PERSONAL hand written thank you note for my support!

Caring is their marketing strategy.  Not just about the people they are trying to provide clean water to but also to the people that are helping them do it.  And that strategy shows and it works.  It made me feel like I’m part of their movement.  

Sometimes I get the feeling that non profits expect us to give them their money at the end of the year.  Almost like we owe them.  But this one behaved the exact opposite.  They cared.

And their caring will lead me to try to do more and more with them in the future.

Focus your strategy on caring and you’ll win at whatever game you are trying to play.  And you’ll make friends along the way!

Oh if you are looking for a year end donation…well charity: water would be a great one!

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