A Little Bit More Walking in the Sales World

Walking the walk instead of talking the.png


We will take care of you more than anyone else, I guarantee it!

In the sales world (or if you are a business owner or a consumer for that matter) we give out and are told a lot of “guarantees” of what to expect in the experience.

It will be “results driven”, “customer focused”, and “game changing.”

But sometimes the guarantees fall a little short. 

We get a little over zealous because of our excitement to work with a new client that we forget it’s more vital to the client’s success to walk the walk and not worry about talking the talk.

My wife and I were in Moab, Utah (which if you like the outdoors go visit ASAP!) and on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend we found ourselves ready to go on a four wheeling and zip lining adventure at 7am.

Just by chance happening the other people going with us were four radio DJ’s/sales people.  Naturally because of our similar industries we struck up a conversation and had a blast together.

But here were four people representing their company on Saturday of Memorial Day.  They were there to experience the product, to understand it, and to be able to connect with their community in Grand Junction Colorado about their experience.

They weren’t going to just talk about a guarantee that we so often make, they were out there walking (or rather zipping!) their way through what really went on at that business.

They had a whole day planned in fact in Moab to do this.

It struck a chord for me to remind myself that no matter what kind of talking we do about what we can do for our clients at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the walking we are willing to do with them to get them where they need to go.

To take that extra step, go forward beyond what is deemed “necessary”, and to really form what we like to call a “relationship” with the customer and the client.

That’s what the sales world is all about.  It’s about walking instead of talking!

Have a great day all and as always Carpe Diem.

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