No More Holding Back

Last night I watched the DVR replay of ESPN’s 30 for 30 “The Day the Series Stopped” which told the story of the tragic and massive earthquake that hit San Fran in 1989 just as Game 3 of the World Series kicked off.

It’s an incredible piece and the 30 for 30’s is one of the few pieces of TV I consider must see in my world.

What struck a nerve with me was when the quake hit it had photos/video of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Civilians turning themselves into nurses, passersby risking their lives to pull stuck strangers out to safety, and overall behaving in a way they wouldn’t normally.

That was a catastrophic situation and one that required reaction due to what happened and that nobody could predict it happening.  They acted with valor and courage that I only hope I could inhibit in my own behavior should something like that happen to me during my lifetime.

What I want to present to you is an offer today…to take idea action and not reaction.

In our day to day lives we don’t need to wait for obstacles, fear, or events out of our control to start performing with action.

We are fortunate that we don’t have to wait to react.  We can simply act, act, and act more.

What’s holding you back? 

The offer I propose to you is if you don’t hold back, if you start doing everything in your power to do what you truly want to do with your life and help others do the same, then no matter what happens you will know you were giving it your all and having a damn good time doing it.

Whatever the goals of your life are that find you here with me right now…

1)      Finding a hot dog stand2)      Building a community idea from the ground up3)      Creating a personal brand that helps your career or business shine4)      Facilitating motivation in yourself and others to live “the good life”5)      You suspect me of stealing your hot dog costume (Guilty as charged but you left it on your front doorstep!)

It doesn’t matter what they are.  They all require action instead of reaction.

If you take me up on the offer you will feel like a superhero in your own world.  Acting instead of reacting…doing extraordinary things on just an “ordinary Monday”…and not holding anything back.

We are very lucky and very fortunate to even be here today…the odds were against us to make it this far…

We might as well make it a fun ride.

Take action today by looking at one thing that is holding you back from creating that hot dog stand, taking that community idea to the next level, or pushing your life to new limits.

Break it off, take idea action on it, and march forward!

If you want to talk more about what that one thing is for today I’d love to at or leave your comments below.

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Carpe Diem and spread the good vibes today!