The Slog

Ever feel like you are just slogging through the snow on a project?

Ever feel like you are just slogging through the snow on a project?

It happens every time during a large project or every time you are working through something difficult in your business.  In my most recent case I described the slog as the time between my 7th and 10th self edits of my newest book that I am hoping to publish by the end of the year.

I just felt that I wasn’t getting anywhere and I was grinding towards nothing.  I felt that I was stuck in the mud and just dragging myself basically to the finish of another round of edits.

The slog feels hopeless or it makes you question why you are doing what you do in the first place.

Then somewhere along the way you push through the slog.  For myself it was the conversation and hiring of my friend to edit the book and I knew that it was go time.  My final self edit felt freeing, exciting, and I was captivated in an amazing way on the work and project.  I turned it over to her as though I could just feel it coming off of the printer.

Suddenly you are out of the slog and you forgot what it was even like until you are in it again.  You can’t publish a book without going through the slog, you can’t finish a marathon of 26.2 miles without those punishing slog like miles from 20-23 when you are questioning even signing up for this physical and mental anguish, and you can’t build a sustainable and conscious driven business that turns profit for good without the slog of those first several years and the ups and downs that come with it.

The slog is real, very frustrating, and yet it is needed.  The slog makes you stronger, more chiseled, and more focused on creating better work, outcomes, and results for the good of everyone involved in the project.

The slog is challenging and a true mental anguish but something that we all must go through if we want to attempt to achieve our dreams.

To never have a slog is to never have pushed yourself towards the point of absolute insanity that you know is necessary.

I am scared to death of the slog before it shows up, despise it when it with me, and then I applaud and embrace it with thanks as I make it to the finish line.

The next time the slog shows up just remember it’s there to make you better, build you up, and to help you create and give more magic to this world.

Don’t give up during the slog on your next business vision or project, the momentum is building each day you are in it.

What’s a recent slog you went through in your career?  Comment below!

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