I'm Mike Rudd and I'm ready to help empower anyone live the life they want and deserve.

It began in 2002 when I sold over 75,000 Hot Dogs working at a hot dog stand in college during the day to pay my way through Ohio State's Fisher College of Business at night.

I realized working at the hot dog stand that I loved my job and we all have a "hot dog stand" in our lives and we must always do something we believe in and love in our lives.  Once we find our hot dog stand/passions and tap into them motivation yearns to come out of us and there's no telling what we can accomplish and feel satisfaction from in life.

Since leaving the hot dog stand I helped businesses through sports marketing, radio sales, crowdfunding, and product design for 12 plus years by building ideas from the ground up and partnerships that truly helped the community.  It resulted in the opportunity to work with over 400 local, regional, and national businesses driving over $12 Million Dollars in revenue and counting.  My sales and marketing philosophy is all about being yourself, having fun, tapping into passions, and building ideas from the ground up!

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